Photographing Iceland From the Air.

April has been jam packed with photography adventures including some beautiful hiking in the Lake District in glorious weather, being blindsided by a spring snowstorm and conquering my fear of flying by taking to the air in a 4-seater light aircraft.

In April, I took to the skies over Iceland to photograph the beautiful river deltas. Photographing Iceland’s river deltas from the air has been a long held dream of mine.

The rivers carry volcanic sediment down towards the sea and as a delta is formed it creates a painter’s palette of shapes, texture and colours as yellow, green and blue water runs over the black sand and into the sea.

As we took off, I could feel every single pitch, roll and yaw of the plane. My palms were sweaty, and I was keen to get back on the ground, but after a few minutes my nerves began to settle as the conversation flowed and I became distracted by the landscape we were flying over.

I soon realised that I had chosen the wrong seat and was struggling to compose my images. Try this exercise: take your camera, sit down and with your hips facing forward, turn and shoot 90º to your left. Easy, yes? Now try the same thing to your right. It becomes far more difficult. My back-button auto focus was difficult to access in this twisted position and I suspect this explains why I missed focus so many times, but luckily, I came away with a few sharp images and the flight was a success.