Shootin’ Street & Work Life Balance.

In This Week’s Newsletter Nick Page & I tried street photography in Birmingham. It did not go well. I got triggered by an audience member’s work/life balance question at The Photography Show. 20% Off my Landscape Photography books. Blog readers only. Video of the week. Shootin’ Street with Nick Page. How Hard Can It Be? Last […] Continue Reading >

Chin Fluff & KFC Crisis

If you watched my video from Wednesday (18th Oct 2023), it will have been hard to miss the large piece of white fluff dangling off my chin towards the end. This was akin to having baked beans in your beard, egg on your shirt, lipstick on your teeth or toothpaste around your mouth. It’s cringe. […] Continue Reading >

Everest Base Camp Trek

Throughout November and December of 2019 I had been on one of my biggest adventures to date – trekking through the Himalayan mountains of Nepal! Along with Jonas Paurell from Terra Photography Expeditions, and 6 participants, we spent 20 days making our way through villages and bazaars staying in teahouses along the way. Our route […] Continue Reading >

My Gear

Below is almost everything I use and I shall try my best to keep on top of it. I have included links to all of my kit, some of the links are affiliate links which means if you choose to purchase an item, I may get a small commission. Gear that Regularly Appears on my […] Continue Reading >