Seduced by my Drone

My Driving to Iceland series on YouTube is complete, however there was so much that was not shown in the video series, mostly, my new found love of the drone. For this road trip, I purchased a DJI Air 3. Initially I thought this would be used for video only due to it’s incredible ability […] Continue Reading >

Upgrading to 3,400 watt hours of power in my van.

I already have a 2400wh lithium battery in my van, so why am I adding an additional 1000wh? During the winter months, I do not get enough solar from my rooftop panel to maintain my current battery set up on a photography trip lasting more than 4 days. My current battery set up has 2400 […] Continue Reading >

Everest Base Camp Trek

Throughout November and December of 2019 I had been on one of my biggest adventures to date – trekking through the Himalayan mountains of Nepal! Along with Jonas Paurell from Terra Photography Expeditions, and 6 participants, we spent 20 days making our way through villages and bazaars staying in teahouses along the way. Our route […] Continue Reading >