DJI Pocket 3 Love/Hate

In This Week’s Post My favourite Pallas Cat image received a critique. They might be right. There are still a couple of places left on my Svalbard Trip. I hate my new DJI Pocket 3. It’s so good, but I don’t like it. Video of the Week. Read Time: 4 minutes To see larger versions, […] Continue Reading >

Svalbard MK II

In This Week’s Post Assumptions Are the Mother of All F*** Ups. Svalbard MK II Some Words of Wisdom I’ve Started Crossfit Video of the Week Read Time: 3 Minutes Snow Leopard Assumptions After photographing a Snow Leopard on day 1 of my Mongolia trip, as we had barely disembarked our airplane, I made the […] Continue Reading >

Back from Mongolia

In This Week’s Post No Jet Lag How was Mongolia? Not Great, for a YouTuber My Snow Leopard Encounter Delayed Uploads Join Me in Northern Spain Read Time: 3 Minutes Click Images to See Large Last night I arrived home from Mongolia, where it is currently 03.20 in the morning. As I write this it […] Continue Reading >

Is Owning a Gallery a Good Idea?

In Today’s Post Costly Home Printing. Why I Don’t Sell Prints. Is It a Good Idea to Own a Gallery? Video of the Week. Read Time: 4 Minutes I finally updated my printer’s (Canon Pro 1000) firmware so it can now take a roll of paper.  This extends its printing capabilities far beyond the previous […] Continue Reading >

Hasselblad X-Pan in Budapest

In Today’s Post A Weekend in Budapest. All 21 frames of Cinestill 800T from my X-Pan. Video of the Week. Read Time: 5 mins if you glance, 20 mins if you view each image. To see larger versions click on the images and if you’re reading this on your phone, rotate it for the images. […] Continue Reading >

Look at These Fakers

In Today’s Post Photographers who tried to pull the wool over our eyes. Video of the week. Read Time: 5 Minutes With the rapid advancement in computing technology and the incredible ability we now have to alter our photographs beyond reality, it can be difficult to know where the line is. In fact, is there […] Continue Reading >

Your Images Don’t Need to be Perfect.

In This Post Do I complain too much? Some readers thought so. Do images have to be perfect? Read Time – 5 MinutesClick on Images to see larger versions Do I Complain Too Much? In last week’s newsletter, I received a few replies expressing that I should ‘Stop Moaning’. These were valid replies, but the […] Continue Reading >

I’m No Longer a Landscape Photographer

I am no longer a landscape photographer, I am an ‘Everything Man’ who has to deal with things I never thought I would, such as: dealing with 2 pallets of useless calendar packaging, bad Feng Shui advice and water damaged cameras. Read Time: 4 Minutes I am no longer a landscape photographer. I used to […] Continue Reading >

Chin Fluff & KFC Crisis

If you watched my video from Wednesday (18th Oct 2023), it will have been hard to miss the large piece of white fluff dangling off my chin towards the end. This was akin to having baked beans in your beard, egg on your shirt, lipstick on your teeth or toothpaste around your mouth. It’s cringe. […] Continue Reading >

10 Must Have Items to Took to Iceland

In This Blog10 Items that Helped me in Iceland.My Recommended YouTube Video of the Week. Read Time: 9 Minutes 1 – Fjällräven Vidda Pro Trousers I have a wealth of expensive outdoorsy jackets, a collection of hiking boots big enough to sustain an army, more rucksacks and camera bags than one man could ever need, […] Continue Reading >