Don’t Have Any Regrets

In This Week’s Post Stuck in Oslo with a Puncture. 3 Things I Learned in Svalbard. Read Time: 4 MinutesClick on images to see larger This week I am writing from Oslo airport where I will spend the next 9 hours. Whilst sat on my KLM flight, destined for Amsterdam and then home, an Airplane […] Continue Reading >

There’s No Integrity Left

In This Week’s Post Exhausted in Spain. There’s no integrity left. Shooting film. Online Photography Club Update. Video of the Week. Exhausted in Spain This is supposed to be a weekly newsletter, so please accept my apologies for missing last week’s issue. I was working at a photography conference in Spain. Whilst I had every […] Continue Reading >

Shootin’ Street & Work Life Balance.

In This Week’s Newsletter Nick Page & I tried street photography in Birmingham. It did not go well. I got triggered by an audience member’s work/life balance question at The Photography Show. 20% Off my Landscape Photography books. Blog readers only. Video of the week. Shootin’ Street with Nick Page. How Hard Can It Be? Last […] Continue Reading >

Should All Photographers Do YouTube?

In This Week’s Post Should All Photographers Do YouTube? The End of Polar Bear Photography in Svalbard? Video of the Week (Only 151 views). Read Time: 6 Minutes Should All Photographers Do YouTube? This year will be my 10th year on YouTube. I can’t believe it. 10 years ago, nobody knew my name and my […] Continue Reading >

Do You Ever Regret Going Out?

In This Week’s Post Oops – a message from My Company. How important is EXIF data? Have you ever regretted going out with your camera? Northern Spain in April. Video of the week. Read Time: 4 Minutes An Email from ‘My Company’ – Oops. Last week, I sent my newsletter twice. The first email showed […] Continue Reading >

DJI Pocket 3 Love/Hate

In This Week’s Post My favourite Pallas Cat image received a critique. They might be right. There are still a couple of places left on my Svalbard Trip. I hate my new DJI Pocket 3. It’s so good, but I don’t like it. Video of the Week. Read Time: 4 minutes To see larger versions, […] Continue Reading >

Svalbard MK II

In This Week’s Post Assumptions Are the Mother of All F*** Ups. Svalbard MK II Some Words of Wisdom I’ve Started Crossfit Video of the Week Read Time: 3 Minutes Snow Leopard Assumptions After photographing a Snow Leopard on day 1 of my Mongolia trip, as we had barely disembarked our airplane, I made the […] Continue Reading >

Back from Mongolia

In This Week’s Post No Jet Lag How was Mongolia? Not Great, for a YouTuber My Snow Leopard Encounter Delayed Uploads Join Me in Northern Spain Read Time: 3 Minutes Click Images to See Large Last night I arrived home from Mongolia, where it is currently 03.20 in the morning. As I write this it […] Continue Reading >

Is Owning a Gallery a Good Idea?

In Today’s Post Costly Home Printing. Why I Don’t Sell Prints. Is It a Good Idea to Own a Gallery? Video of the Week. Read Time: 4 Minutes I finally updated my printer’s (Canon Pro 1000) firmware so it can now take a roll of paper.  This extends its printing capabilities far beyond the previous […] Continue Reading >

Hasselblad X-Pan in Budapest

In Today’s Post A Weekend in Budapest. All 21 frames of Cinestill 800T from my X-Pan. Video of the Week. Read Time: 5 mins if you glance, 20 mins if you view each image. To see larger versions click on the images and if you’re reading this on your phone, rotate it for the images. […] Continue Reading >