ƒ4 Photo Course

What Is The F4 ROAD TRIP?

It’s A Landscape Photography Course Like No Other

In January of 2020, our group of YouTube photographers known as F4 (Thomas Heaton, Nick Page, Gavin Hardcastle and Adam Gibbs) embarked on a mission to create a totally original landscape photography course under the guise of a feature length movie.

This group of photographers set off on a wing and a prayer, travelling down the west coast of the USA in a 1979 Kit Companion Trailer. The 25-day journey almost broke F4, but there was one bond that held them all together; Landscape Photography. Follow along on the journey as the group encounter severe snowstorms, deadly waves, epic light, mechanical malfunctions, close encounters with the law and of course, extreme highs and extreme lows as they travel from Washington State to Las Vegas where they hope to fund their big project.