Antarctica 2021

A Floating Photography Conference

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My Gear

Here is a blog post about all of the gear that I use when taking photographs, making videos, camping, hiking and being creative. I try to keep it as up to date as possible and it should serve as a helpful resource for those who wish to know what kit I am using in my videos.

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F4 Roadtrip Online Photography Course

What is the F4 Roadtrip? Together with Adam Gibbs (International Landscape Photographer of the Year), Nick Page & Gavin Hardcastle, we produced a landscape photography course like no other. Learn how 4 professional photographers work in the field.

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My Photo Book

This book tells the stories behind my favourite images from my adventures all over the world. We start from high in the mountains and journey down to the valley floors and finish at the very ground beneath our feet. I share adventures and insights from my time as a landscape photographer.

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