Microadventure – High Up in Northumberland

What better way to spend an evening than hiking out to a remote crag, high in the hills of Northumberland and what better inspiration to do so than Microadventures. The plan was simple, we would take the bare essentials, locate the crag & find shelter suitable for 3 guys & fire. It sounds simple, however […] Continue Reading >

South Iceland Winter Photography Blog – 2012

Day 1 After a short 2.5hr flight from Manchester to Reykjavik, my girlfriend & I were raring to go & start our adventure in Iceland. Unfortunately for Charlotte, I was determined to turn our romantic trip away in to a photography fest. How could I not? The plan was to arrive in Reykjavik at 3pm […] Continue Reading >

UK Meteor

On September the 21st at 22:54 a fireball was seen across the UK skies from as far south as Kent all the way up to Scotland. There were even reported sightings in Scandinavia. The fireball traveled from south east to north west and it lasted approximately 30 seconds. I was one of a handful of […] Continue Reading >