My Gear

My Gear

It’s 2019 and a lot has changed, so I have created this new up to date kit blog. Below is almost everything I use and I shall try my best to keep on top of it.

I have included links to all of my kit, some of the links are affiliate links which means if you choose to purchase an item, I may get a small commission.

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Recently Seen
My New Shimoda Camera Bag
Acratech Tripod Head
My Bowl Head Tripod
Go Pro Hero 7 Waterproof Camera 
My F-Stop Camera Bag

Cameras and Lenses
Fuji XT3 + 18-55 & 55-200 lenses – This is a fantastic, lightweight and compact camera. It is perfect for backpacking trips and travel photography. The 55-200 lens is great and the 18-55 kit lens is ok for photography and excellent for video. This is one of the nicest cameras to use and is a contender for best crop sensor camera on the market as it out performs some of its full frame rivals.

Canon 5D MK IV – I love this camera. Great image quality and excellent dynamic range. GPS & touch screen are welcome additions. The face detection AF is amazing for making Youtube videos.
Canon 70-200L f4 (None IS) – A great lens and very affordable. It’s lightweight and tack sharp. I always use a tripod so rarely need the IS.
Canon 24-70L f2.8 MKII – Probably my most used lens. It’s very expensive, but offers amazing image quality throughout the focal range and is perfect for a lot of landscape situations. Also comes in handy for portraits & events.
Canon 16-35mm f4 – A lens I have been after for a while. Great quality, not too expensive and really helps with those interesting foregrounds.
Go Pro Hero 7 Waterproof Camera – My current mini camera. Far more reliable than the DJI Osmo action that I previously tried. Great image quality.
Insta 360 One X – A 360º camera that delivers fantastic image quality and offers endless creative possibilities.
Canon M50This compact & lightweight mirrorless from canon is almost the perfect vlogging camera. It’s relatively inexpensive, shoots 4k and has an excellent Digital In Body Stabilisation for video as well as a flip out screen and mic input.
Rode Video Mic X – This is an expensive microphone, especially when you can pick up a Video Micro for £50, however the quality of this mic is superb and there is no better solution for recording the ambient sounds of the landscape.
Canon 200D/SL2 – This has been demoted to backup camera. This is a great little vlogging camera that ticks a lot of boxes. Flip out screen, excellent image quality, small, lightweight, dual pixel auto focus, affordable. After extensive research, this was the camera for me.
GoPro Hero 4 – Used mainly as a back up to the G5X, this camera has had a new lease of life injected as I now use it with the below ‘Gimbal’, which offers excellent smooth footage; perfect for B-Roll.

Photography Accessories
L-Bracket for Canon 5D MK IV – This allows me to instantly rotate my camera 90º and is one of those accessories: Once you have it, you’ll never be without it. Here is my far more stylish L-Bracket for my Fuji XT3.
Acratech Tripod Head – This is sturdy, lightweight and works in conjunction with my bowl head tripod. This setup allows for fast and accurate panoramic photography as well as single shots.
My Bowl Head Tripod – This is a new piece of kit for me, but it has been hoilding up well. It is tall, lightweight and has the all important bowl head which allows for rapid set up for panoramic photography.
Lee Filters – I use a range of Lee graduated ND filters, ND filters, a clip on polarising filter and some mist filters. All of these are used with the new Lee 100 Holder. The quality of the filters are second to none. The polariser causes minimal vignetting even at 16mm.
Filter Pouch – Keeps all my filters together and safe.
Sekonik 758DR Light Meter – Couldn’t shoot LF without it.
Film Changing Tent – This is a ‘must have’ accessory when shoot LF in the field.
Rode Smart Lav –  This small mic clips on the my shirt and allows me to record audio separately from the camera. Very good for working on location and in the outdoors.
Zoom1 Audio Recorder – This is what the mic plugs in to. Small, good quality and a battery life that lasts forever.
Adapter – Annoyingly the Rode Smart Lav requires this small adapter to work with the Zoom1.
Rode Video Micro – This little mic offers amazing quality when plugged in to my Canon 5DIV. Mainly used when filming pieces in my office.
My Gimbal – This is a handheld, battery powered steady cam for the GoPro. This things is amazing! I can run with this at full speed and it looks like I am floating. Excellent battery life too.
Camera Slider – This is a very portable and extremely intelligent device which adds a very subtle cinematic feel to video work. That being said, it is very expensive.


DJI Mavic Air – This is my go to drone for most of my work due to it’s portability, low weight and reliability.
DJI Phantom 4 – This is one f three drones I use for B-Roll. The image quality is excellent and it takes a great RAW file, but it is terrible to travel/hike long distances with as it’s too bulky.
DJI Mavic Pro – My second drone. What this thing lacks in quality is more than made up for in portability. No bigger than my lens, it fits in all of my bags and travels well. P.S. The quality is actually ok.

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Post Production Work & Editing
My Photography Monitor – I use this monitor in conjunction with my iMac as it gives a far more accurate representation of how my images will look in print.
Sandisk SSD Drive – This holds all of my media, Lightroom Catalogs and Adobe Premier Project files. This system allows me to seamlessly switch from laptop to desktop without ever having to sync folders or re-edit images.
Adobe Photoshop – I don’t need to say much about this.
Adobe Lightroom – Used to edit and organise my library of images.
Adobe Premiere Pro – A great piece of editing software. I probably utilise about 3% of what it is capable of.

My Office Gear
Photo Printer – I use a Canon Pixma Pro 1000. This produces amazing quality prints, up to A2 size. Most of my Ltd Edition prints come from this machine.
Stabilo Watercolour Effect Pencil  – Not very exciting but its one of the best tools for the job for signing prints. Recommended by a viewer and it was certainly worth it as it works on all surfaces!
Quilted Soundproofing – Perfect to prevent bounce back of my voice and echo in my office.
BenQ SW271 Monitor – This works perfect in my dual monitor set up that I always wanted. Can flip to both horizontal and vertical easily which is fantastic for editing and viewing photographs. I use it exclusively when preparing prints as the colour and detail is so accurate.
Studio Lights – My hair lights are mounted on a boom pole allowing them to cast a light right over me where I want it.
Camera Rig Clamps
– Easy to adjust and lets me mount my gear easily without having tripod legs all over the shop.
Camera Power Supply
Mic Stand – In use with the mic below this allows easy access and use during videos. Easily swings back and forth.
Voice Over Mic
SSD Drive – Admittedly very expensive but its my lifeline to store all my documents. I can migrate working from my iMac to my laptop seamlessly using this drive. Super fast and super reliable.


The Outdoors
GPS Watch – My Garmin Fenix 3 is a real life saver. I always have it with me, I can plot routes, find my exact GPS location and cross ref with my map and I can navigate back to safety.
Hand Held GPS – This GPS relies on AA batteries, so I can always have spares and it has built in maps, so if I get lost, I can rely on this to get me back to civilisation.
Vango Banshee 200 Tent – Compact, lightweight, quick and easy to erect and big enough for 2, this tent is excellent. What sold it for me was the double doors, offering amazing views.
Thermarest Neo Air X-Lite – Expensive, but a purchase you will not regret. Small, super light, incredibly comfortable and warm; this camping mat is better than most beds.
Camping Pillow – Wait, don’t go anywhere! This is my most important piece of camping kit. I am one of those people who can’t sleep without a good pillow. Nothing cut the mustard until I found this. It really does tick all of the boxes.
Leatherman Skeletool – Well made, lightweight and incredibly handy when away from civilisation. You should always carry a tool with you when enjoying the outdoors.

Bags and Clothing
My New F-Stop Camera Bag – My current go to camera bag, with sturdy construction, incredible comfort and ergonomics that allow me to carry and access all my gear. Also acceptable size for aeroplane cabins too!
LowePro Pro Runner 450 – A really solid bag. I use other bags too, but this is the boy! Holds everything and so far, it is withstanding years and years of rough handling.
LowePro Tactic 450 – Another great bag. Solid with a shell like construction, versatile and is the best bag for overseas travel due to it’s moderate, yet generous size.
LowePro Pro Rover 45 – Sadly this bag has been discontinued, but I love it. I have comfortably trekked miles with 3 lenses, body, filters, tripod, tent, sleeping bag, food, water and all the other bits and pieces we need for the wild.

I have also made a Youtube video talking through my specific winter clothing selection. Below are the articles that featured in the video.
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