Enduring Glencoe

Join me as I visit Glencoe for an overnight stay. Last time I was here in January the weather was cold but crisp, with beautiful snow-covered scenes all around. This time, it was wet, wet, wet. What I would have given for the conditions of January 2019. The weather was awful, ideal conditions for neither photography nor staying in a campervan. 

The van is great for dry days as I can come and go as I please and really enjoy the outdoors. However, when the weather is just a constant downpour it can be a real struggle to enjoy the experience.Despite the weather I did manage to get a couple of photos. My 5D MK IV had no problems with the rain, but my little M50 deserves a status upgrade to ‘Waterproof’. That thing has been pushed way further than it ever should be and continues to perform without any issues at all.

Some of you may have noticed that the style of editing in my recent videos has slightly changed. Less talking and more the sounds of nature and the environment around me as I explore my location. I am hoping this gives the viewer a more immersive experience into my journey as they can hear, see and sense the same things I do whilst making my way to setting up for my shoot.

Do you like the slower paced journey, taking in the atmosphere as we walk together to find the ideal spot for a photograph? Or do you prefer me to get straight to the point and dive right in to taking the images?

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