Do You Ever Regret Going Out?

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  • Oops – a message from My Company.
  • How important is EXIF data?
  • Have you ever regretted going out with your camera?
  • Northern Spain in April.
  • Video of the week.

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An Email from ‘My Company’ – Oops.

Last week, I sent my newsletter twice. The first email showed the sender as ‘My Company’. 

What a rookie mistake. 

When I receive emails that begin with [To Thomas Heaton Team] or [Dear Influencer], I immediately delete them.

When sending my newsletter, if I do not fill in the field for ‘Who Is This From?’, it defaults to ‘My Company’.

This is a terrible look.

“You’ve received an email from My Company”. Urgh.

I assumed most people would delete this email, so I re-sent it with the correct sender ‘Thomas Heaton’.

Thank you to everyone who replied to that newsletter letting me know about my mistake, as well as a few other typos. I rely on you all keeping me right.

How Important is EXIF Data?

Most of the time, I share my EXIF data beneath my images in my YouTube videos. 

It usually looks something like the image below:

ƒ5.6 | 1/500 sec | 55mm | ISO 320

Sometimes I omit this information and just show the image by itself. 

I have received criticism in the past for leaving out the EXIF data, which always leaves me wondering if it helps more people than I realise.

One argument I hear is that it makes no difference to the viewer because every situation is different and one photographer’s EXIF data is of no relevance to another’s work.

I think the EXIF data helps beginner photographers understand the construct of an image more clearly. For example, when capturing a seascape with very pleasing wave motion: “Ahhh, only 1/4 a second to soften the crashing waves”. 

ƒ13 | 1/4 sec | 39mm | ISO 100

ƒ13 | 1/4 sec | 39mm | ISO 100

I created a poll on my YouTube page asking the same question and here are the results:

How valuable is EXIF data when included in my videos?

7,400 People answered.

Incredibly valuable: 28%

It’s nice to see: 59%

It makes no difference: 14%

Do You Regret Going Out With Your Camera?

If you’re debating whether to wake up early for a sunrise, or to drive 3 hrs for a photoshoot, because it might not be worth it, you’re not alone.

Here is my internal monologue right before I commit to a shoot:

“3hrs is a long drive”.

“It looks a bit grey and windy”.

“Yeah, snow might be in the forecast, but it won’t stick”.

“If I wake up at 4am, I will be knackered for the rest of the day”.

“There won’t be any good light”.

“The weather looks like it will be better next week”.

All these negative voices in my head are trying to prevent me from going for a shoot, but what is the alternative; To stay in bed? To shoot locally because it’s more convenient? To only shoot when the conditions are 100% guaranteed? 

There is a lot about landscape photography we can’t control and yes, some photo shoots might be a complete washout, but they are always worth it.

In my next video, I chase down an Amber weather warning for snow in the Peak DistrictSubscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss it.

Desperate to get my share of winter weather here in the UK, I drove my van for 4 hours (one way) for just 2 of hours of wet photography. 

I encountered horrific traffic as vehicles became incapacitated due to their lack of appropriate winter tyres and I got drenched through as the snow melted on impact.

Despite the challenges, it was worth it. Not because my images were anything special, but because I made the effort to get out there. 

If I didn’t go, I would 100% have regretted my decision not to go and that would have been worse than all the above. 

I very rarely, if ever, regret going on a shoot. I have often regretted not going on one.

Next time you’re talking yourself out of an early morning shoot (or any shoot), just ask yourself: which will I regret more? Staying in bed, or taking a chance tomorrow morning?

Northern Spain in April

There are still a few places available on a landscape photography retreat in the north of Spain, which I am attending.

There will be amazing food, a beautiful beach-side hotel, daily photo shoots & presentations.

You can get a €200 discount with the code: HEATONPW2

Video of the Week

This week, I am recommending a video by Joe Allam. I’ve known Joe for quite a few years & I was so excited for him when he announced he was moving to Japan.

I am envious of this huge change and exciting adventure that Joe is beginning.

Here is a strangely satisfying video of Joe setting up his apartment, from scratch. I’m sure it was not a cheap endeavour, but what a great opportunity for a do-over. 

Thank you for reading this week’s post.