Enduring Glencoe

Join me as I visit Glencoe for an overnight stay. Last time I was here in January the weather was cold but crisp, with beautiful snow-covered scenes all around. This time, it was wet, wet, wet. What I would have given for the conditions of January 2019. The weather was awful, ideal conditions for neither photography nor staying […] Continue Reading >

Scotland Road Trip

Welcome to another blog and welcome to the start of a new series of videos documenting my recent trip up to and around Scotland in October 2019! As many of you know, Scotland is one my favourite places to photograph, and in the autumn time it is simply amazing for photography.  I travelled for 8 […] Continue Reading >

My Fear of Workshops

My recent Icelandic landscape photography workshop with Thor Photography was a success, all participants were happy, learned a thing or two and came away with some great images. We ate some great food, went kayaking in the mountains, we all bonded over drinks and great stories. In other ways, it was also a bit of […] Continue Reading >

The Hardest Part of Landscape Photography

People comment on my images and say things like “If I could take an image half as good as that, I would be happy”. This is the thing, anyone could have taken most of the images in my portfolio without any real difficulty. Yes, composition can be tricky… sometimes. In most cases, the best approach […] Continue Reading >

3 Images, 3 Focusing Methods

Here are the 3 images from my focusing video. I am limited in file size to what I can upload here, but you can click on the images to enlarge and compare if you wish. The first image of the trio is Hyperfocal distance using a tape measure. The Second image is focused to infinity. […] Continue Reading >


Where do you live? I live in a small coastal town in the north east of England. That Manfrotto Ball Head. Yes, I made a terrible mistake & showed my incompetence when using my own kit. The knob pulls & rotates. I take back all that I said about my tripod head. **Update** I now […] Continue Reading >

What’s in my Bag/Office/Life?

This blog is intended to shed a little more information on the items mentioned in my YouTube Video. **Ok, I admit it! I have fallen behind on the upkeep of this blog.  I have created a brand new, up to date “Gear Blog” Click on the link to read something more up to date.** Below […] Continue Reading >

Yosemite Valley – I am People.

I need to get this off my chest; Yosemite Valley was stunningly beautiful, but it was one of the worst places I have ever visited as a photographer. A bold statement, I know. As a tourist, Yosemite is amazing. I enjoyed the sights, hiked up to waterfalls, found myself engrossed in the Ansel Adams Gallery […] Continue Reading >

Shooting in the Alabama Hills

I have never had the pleasure of shooting in a desert before and certainly not one like the recreation area of the Alabama Hills. Being from the UK, this type of landscape is completely alien to me. I was staying in the small town of Lone Pine, which was a stop off en-route to Yosemite. […] Continue Reading >