What’s in my Bag/Office/Life?

This blog is intended to shed a little more information on the items mentioned in my YouTube Video. **Ok, I admit it! I have fallen behind on the upkeep of this blog.  I have created a brand new, up to date “Gear Blog” Click on the link to read something more up to date.** Below […] Continue Reading >

Yosemite Valley – I am People.

I need to get this off my chest; Yosemite Valley was stunningly beautiful, but it was one of the worst places I have ever visited as a photographer. A bold statement, I know. As a tourist, Yosemite is amazing. I enjoyed the sights, hiked up to waterfalls, found myself engrossed in the Ansel Adams Gallery […] Continue Reading >

Shooting in the Alabama Hills

I have never had the pleasure of shooting in a desert before and certainly not one like the recreation area of the Alabama Hills. Being from the UK, this type of landscape is completely alien to me. I was staying in the small town of Lone Pine, which was a stop off en-route to Yosemite. […] Continue Reading >

Wild Camp & Landscape Photography Place Fell

Last year (2014) I  did my very first solo wild camp. You can read about my experience here. Ever since that trip, I have been hooked. Wild camping allows you to fill your photography boots to the very brim; shooting sunset, dusk, night, dawn & sunrise in one glorious session. Free from the pressures of […] Continue Reading >

Isle of Skye Photography

A trip to the Isle of Skye starts off on the right foot and ends with a high as I have to pass right through Glencoe; A world class location for any landscape photographer. It’s a shame that I could not spend a full day exploring Glencoe, it was just a quick stop off as […] Continue Reading >

Photographing Meteors

When setting out to photograph a meteor shower, there are a few essential items that you need and some tips that will give you the best chance of getting a good shot. Kit: Tripod Wide lens with fast aperture (f2.8 or below) Shutter release cable The 3 items above are essential when trying to photograph […] Continue Reading >

Photographing Sprinkling Tarn

This blog is intended to give a little more information about my recent landscape shoot & walk to Sprinkling Tarn in Borrowdale whereby I recorded the video below. My route started at Seathwaite and headed up towards Sprinkling Tarn, which is approximately 2.5 miles away. The walk then continues around to Styhead Tarn and loops […] Continue Reading >

Solo Wild Camping & Landscape Photography

So, I thought it would be interesting to write a little piece about my first solo wild camping experience. Wild camping has always appealed to me and the benefits of doing this can be fantastic, however I have always lacked confidence to solo wild camp and I have no photography friends who would be interested […] Continue Reading >

Iceland Revisited – Jan 2014

After my previous visit to Iceland in winter 2012/2013, which had been a success, we decided to return again in 2014 as 5 days was not nearly enough time to see and shoot everything. Unfortunately this visit was not as fruitful the year before. The reason for this was because of the poor weather and […] Continue Reading >